United Neighbors

Welcome to the United Neighbors (UNA) Block Watch!!! 

Our little slice of heaven consists of the one square mile area from Northern Avenue in the North to Glendale Avenue in the South and from 35th Avenue in the East to 43rd Avenue in the West. Our Block Watch emphasizes Crime Prevention within our neighborhood as well as insuring we engage in activities designed to remove graffiti and enhance the overall appearance of our entire Community. We whole heartedly support the Phoenix Neighborhood Patrol and the Cactus Park Police Precinct. We are funded through a City of Phoenix Neighborhood Block Watch Grant.

UNA is Disbanding



In case you missed the announcement, UNA is disbanding.  The final newsletter, with important phone numbers of who to contact with issues and problems, is attached.   


Please note that the successful Operation Officer Appreciation project that helps stock the cantina at Cactus Park Precinct will continue as long as there are donations to support the program.  There have been very generous donors, like Peggy Schwartz and others, who have helped make the program a success.  All UNA board members share my enthusiasm for continuing the program even though it will now be a stand alone program headed by coordinator, Sandra Miller.  Please contact Sandra at 602-237-5669 for more information about the program and how you, your club or your church can get involved in supporting this worthwhile cause.  


The UNA Phoenix Neighborhood Patrol (PNP) members will continue to patrol the streets of our neighborhood and are looking to recruit new members!  With over 2200 homes in our square mile, residents can no longer rely on just a handful of individuals to patrol the area.  If you want to live in a safe community and make a difference, I urge you to become a member of PNP.  Information on how to get involved is in the newsletter.


While UNA is disbanding, the board members who have made a difference by serving year after year will continue to work on community projects of interest to them  I will continue my decades long efforts of providing assistance to families, particularly grandparents raising grandchildren, who need help throughout the year and especially for birthdays and Christmas.  We are all still committed to keeping our neighborhood safe and neighborly but we know we can’t do it by ourselves. Without UNA, it’s up to residents to watch out for each other and become aware of issues that affect them.  Get to know your neighbors, exchange phone numbers and provide assistance when needed.  Smile and wave to those passing by.  Leave a light on at night to let the bad guys know they’re not welcome.  Organize a cleanup of your alley or the disabled neighbor’s yard.  Sign up for NextDoor, the online social media format for connecting neighbors, and share concerns and solutions.


Please accept my personal thanks for the wonderful friendships developed over the years as well as the support of other community leaders and City of Phoenix personnel.  I’m not going anywhere!  Please stay in touch by reaching out to me at my personal email: luvphxparades@gmail.com

Thank You,


Ima Jean Dolan 


There will be no newsletter published for December, but important announcements and information will be shared through email to keep you informed.  Due to rising numbers of Covid 19 cases, the December General meeting as well as Chat Chew and Coffee has been cancelled. 

Normally, the holidays are a time for endless gatherings, special events and hustle and bustle as we rush around trying to fit everything in!  Of course, this year is different, but my hope is that you will still find plenty of joy in the season.  Perhaps this is the year to start new family traditions.  Even though it is different doesn’t mean in can’t be special!  A way to share holiday cheer is by thinking of others, especially this year when there is more need than ever. 


UNA is doing their part by sponsoring the UNA Operation Officer Appreciation fund that provides coffee and snacks to stock the cantina at the Cactus Park Police Precinct.  This is a meaningful project that reminds our officers that they are appreciated.  It is a project that by everyone giving just a little means making a big difference to those who serve our community.  Usually, our big fundraising drive is at the December general meeting or the Chat Chew & Coffee meeting – both of which have been cancelled this year.  So, we are counting on you to reach out and let us know you would like to donate to the cause.  Your donation of any amount will be appreciated!  Please email me or call me at 602-571-3824 and a representative with pick it up (socially distanced and masked) or, mail to:  UNA, PO Box 35103, Phoenix, AZ  85069 with a notation it is for the police fund.  Add a holiday card addressed to the officers and it will be delivered to the Precinct along with the goodies.  

Merry Christmas,


Ima Jean Dolan  602-571-3824

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The Dolan Family Float 

Here’s the latest from Ima Jean:

Even though the APS Electric Light Parade was cancelled this year, the Dolan Family continued their 34 year tradition of building a float together to share with the community.  In fact, they made their very own parade down Central Avenue on Saturday night just to keep the tradition alive!  I have included a link to the clip that Fox 10 News did on Saturday night.  You can also follow us on the Dolan Family Facebook page for updated events and schedules.


We are collecting donations for the UNA Operation Officer Appreciation fund that stocks the cantina at Cactus Park Precinct with coffee, snacks and necessary supplies.  This is a meaningful project that can’t happen without your support!  We will be practicing social distancing so there will be a bin on each side of the float for you to place the donation in.  Please make checks payable to:  UNA with a notation:  police fund.  Cash is also accepted!  You can add a card to give to the police precinct; I’m sure they would appreciate your holiday wishes! 

Donations of non-perishable food (please check expiration dates) and new toys to benefit the families that we will be assisting this year.


Thanksgiving 2020 might not look like past celebrations, but it is still a day set aside to pause and give thanks… because there is always something to be thankful for!  I hope you are having a safe and happy holiday!  As I reflect on what I am grateful for this year, it’s my family, friends and extended UNA community.  My close neighbors, like Sandra Miller and David & Angela Penberthy, are quick to assist with anything I need from the store. David Meek has dropped off bags of delicious muffins and juice to be distributed to folks in the neighborhood as well as my favorite oatmeal.  Donna Duncan, Joe & Shari Mora, Deanna Hulse, Briley Culton and Denice Bryan are in constant contact as they check to see if they can help me or another UNA resident.  I am so thankful to live in such a caring neighborhood!

I am especially thankful and proud of our neighborhood for their support of the UNA Officer Appreciation program that stocks the cantina at the Cactus Park Police Precinct.  Now is a great time to show your appreciation by contributing to the program with a donation of any amount.  You can mail a check to: UNA Officer Appreciation Program; PO Box 35103; Phoenix, AZ 85069 or call me at 602-571-3824 or the project coordinators: Sandra Miller at 602-237-5669 or Deanna Hulse at 602-316-1731 for the donation to be picked up at your home.  This is a meaningful way to let our police officers know we are thankful for what they do.

Enjoy your day!

Happy Thanksgiving,


Ima Jean Dolan  .602-571-3824

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Exciting things are happening in our neighborhood!  Enjoy the newsletter and learn about the details on opportunities to get involved.  We will be meeting in person for the first Chat Chew & Coffee event on Thursday, September 24th at 9:00 a.m. at Bethany Presbyterian Church located at 7702 N. 35th Ave.  This is an informal gathering of neighbors chatting while enjoying refreshments!  There’s no agenda… just neighbors sharing concerns about the neighborhood and getting to know one another.  We will be practicing CDC guidelines for the safety of our guests.  On Thursday evening, we will be hosting our first Zoom meeting.  It will start at 6:30 p.m. and the instructions for logging in are shown below.


I am looking forward to reconnecting with you and hope you will take a few minutes to stop by Chat Chew & Coffee or attend the Zoom meeting!