CPCA Programs

Frequently Asked Questions

Block Watch Sign Replacement

Block Watches in good standing can apply to receive 2 Block Watch signs per year to replace old, worn, washed out signs.

Operation Identification

Operation ID Kits are available to New Block Watches and can be loaned to existing Block Watches on request.

PNP Programs

PNP Speed Surveillance & Education

Specially trained PNP Volunteer visit areas where speeding has been reported as a problem.  Reports are provided to precinct CAO’s.  Phoenix Police Motorcycle officers often perform enforcement in areas which have been identified as problematic.

Radar Lending Program
Radar Equipment is available for loan to PNP Radar Trained members.

Radio Loan Program

Two-Way Radios are available for loan to members with PNP members for Neighborhood/Alley cleanups or other Block Watch sponsored activity.

Some PNP Links:

PNP General Info (Police Dept site)

PNP Info and Members Home Page

PNP Clothing Order Form

PNP Vehicle Sign Order Form

PNP 2022 Training Schedule

PNP 2023 Training Schedule

PNP Tri-Fold Brochure

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