Wow.  It's been a long hot 2019 Summer but it is coming to a close.  Hopefully as September gets underway we will be able to begin to feel a coolness in the air.

Welcome back.  And to our new site. Yes, we still use our companion site http://cpcaaz.com but do plan to eventually migrate everything here and this will be our home.

You probably know that September brings us the first Fall meeting of our Community.  Everyone is invited to our meeting on September 25th at College America.

Our featured speaker this month is Dave Munsey.  You probably remember Dave from watching Channel 10 Weather in Phoenix.  Yep, the "Watch your kids around water" guy.  You may think it odd having a water safety theme in September.  Fact is, many deaths and incidents in water take place outside of the summer months and not in pools.

Dave's presentation covers much more than just pool safety.  Come join us.  You will also be able to obtain a copy of his book.

While you're here, have a look around.  This site is growing and we are adding more information all the time. Visit the Documents and Links section for newsletters from our City Council, City Departments, and neighborhoods from throughout our precinct along with links to other important information.  The Calendar page will keep you up to date with upcoming events.  October is shaping up to be quite busy with GAIN and other neighborhood shin-digs.

If there's something you'd like to see added, click the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page.  That will open a new email message where you can let us know of your suggestion.

That's it for now.  Thank you for visiting and we'll see you at the September meeting.

GAIN Update

The Cactus Park Community Alliance will not be distributing GAIN bags/buckets separately this year.  We are teaming up with one of our partners.... the Cactus Wren Block Watch who through a Grant has arranged to purchase and provide enough GAIN buckets to insure that every Block Watch that has a GAIN event will receive one.

Block Watches MUST be registered with PD to receive a bucket.  Be sure you have registered your GAIN event with the Police Department.

Click HERE to register your event with PD.

We are looking forward to visiting you on GAIN Day !!

Pictured at right is the "team" dropping off the buckets.  Neighborhood members (L-R) are:  Joyce Steinmetz, Sandi Strand, John Curfman, Stan Bates, and Fred May.  Frank Steinmetz was also there but on the other side of the camera.