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Credit to ABC-15 TV Phoenix for this article.

Many of us have seen (and complained of) increased crime and homelessness since CMS moved their facility from the I-17 and Northern to Cactus and 28th Drive.

Click the image on the left to watch a news article about a recent look into the impact on portions of our precinct.  A new tab will open to ABC-15 News.

March 24, 2015 CPCA Meeting
CPCA Meeting at Metro Conference Room - 10-25-2017
CPCA Meeting at Helen Drake Center - 12-6-2017
CPCA Meeting at Helen Drake Center - 12-6-2017
Earth Day 2018 Cleanup
Council District 1 (Thelda Williams) Bike Rodeo 4/26/2018
CPCA Crew at Council District 1 (Thelda Williams) Bike Rodeo 4/26/2018
Cactus Wren BW Sign Installation 1-12-2019
Cactus Wren BW Sign Installation 1-12-2019
Coffee with the Chief Setup 3-26-2019
Coffee with the Chief 3-26-2019
Coffee with the Chief 3-26-2019
D1 Fish with a Cop - Cortez Park Lake - 4-6-2019
D1 Fish with a Cop - Cortez Park Lake - 4-6-2019
PNP Luncheon - 4-13-2019
PNP Luncheon - 4-13-2019
PNP Luncheon - 4-13-2019
Glendale PD - Cactus Park Precinct Safety Fair - 11-16-2019
Coffee with a Cop - 11-13-2019
Coffee with a Cop - 11-13-2019
Glendale-Cactus Park Safety Fair - 11-16-2019
Glendale PD - Cactus Park Precinct Safety Fair - 11-16-2019
Glendale PD - Cactus Park Precinct Safety Fair - 11-16-2019
City of Phoenix Proclaims December 2 as "Steinmetz Day"

Link to the District 1 weekly e-news:

Message from Councilwoman Ann O’Brien

For those of you who do not speak Mandarin, I want to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year! Over the last two weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to represent the City of Phoenix in the Chinese New Year festivities. On Saturday, January 21st, I helped open the New Year festival at Steele Indian School Park by dotting the eye of the dragon so he could see fresh for the year to come. We celebrated with traditional Lion Dances, martial arts demonstrations, and I even learned how to play traditional Mahjong!

Then, this past weekend, on the 28th, I was a guest of honor at the New Year Banquet at Great Wall Cuisine. If you have not yet been to Great Wall, their food is so delicious, and those portion sizes will make you feel like you don’t need to eat for days after! It truly is an honor to get to represent Phoenix to such a diverse culture and community. While the East Valley already has a large Asian population and community, soon North Phoenix will have its own growth and diversity as TSMC begins manufacturing operations over the next coming years. I look forward to bringing more diversity of choices from grocery stores to…..   (Use the weekly-e-news link above to view the entire newsletter)

Mark Your Calendars: Community Meeting

Our next meeting will be Feb 27th and will be located back at the Mel Martin Auto Museum (4320 W Thunderbird Rd, Glendale, AZ 85306). We will be meeting at our regular scheduled time for our dinner meetings. Plan for check in to begin at 5:30pm and the meeting to start at 6pm.

Registration link is now available in the newsletter.  (Use the weekly-e-news link above to view the entire newsletter and register.)

The City of Phoenix is ready to launch the community survey. This survey asks questions on a wide range of topics around life in our community—from what residents think is working, to where they see a need for improvement—providing feedback that is used to calculate ongoing satisfaction scores. The survey is one more way to gather information from residents in our effort to more holistically understand neighborhood issues and enhance our responsiveness to community priorities.

The survey takes less than five minutes to complete and is available in both English and Spanish. The survey system sets response targets based on Census data to ensure community representation. Survey responses will be anonymous.   

The survey is served up to residents on various websites and social media platforms. Residents can also respond to the survey directly with this link.

We’ve also created a survey landing page on Phoenix.gov to answer questions, including the security and privacy of the survey.

City of Phoenix


Your city, your voice! The City of Phoenix needs your input to help make important investments in our community by taking the Annual Action Plan Survey. Each year, the City receives millions of dollars in federal funding from the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and we want to hear from our residents and business owners about how you think that money should be spent.

When you take the survey, you help us identify needs in housing and homelessness, community and economic development, infrastructure and enhancement, and public services and facilities. These funds help make real change; they can be used for projects like improving parks and streetlights, creating programs for youth and seniors, providing services for people experiencing homelessness or living with HIV/AIDS, and helping families buy their first home.

Your voice is important! Tell us what matters most in your community. Take the Annual Action Plan Survey now at www.phoenix.gov/yourvoice

All of us hate Robocalls right?  Data Doctors answered the question

“I’m fed up with all these robocalls; wasn’t there supposed to be a new system to take care of this anoying problem?”

Click HERE to read the answer.  (You will be taken to their website)

(Thank You Data Doctors)

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Question:  Does replying with ‘STOP’ on unwanted text messages really work?

The answer can be found HERE.  (This will redirect you to the Data Doctors website)

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