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We will keep you as informed as possible regarding law enforcements efforts to reduce crime and bring law-breakers to justice.  This page will be updated as information becomes available with the most recent reports/incidents appearing at the top.

The bus stop at 2400 W Northern has had several drug complaints. The stop was surveilled, and three subjects contacted this morning at 0835hrs on December 29, 2022. During the contact a fourth subject was refusing to leave the property of the Burger King and Starbucks at the request of a security guard. That subject was contacted and attempted to discard drug paraphernalia, later also found to have narcotics. 

Subjects arrested: 

1 for a felony probation violation warrant for aggravated assault against police x 2 and charged for false information. 

1 for, four misdemeanor warrant and drug paraphernalia. 

1 for narcotic drugs and drug paraphernalia, plus a trespass warning

1 for narcotics drugs, drug paraphernalia, misdemeanor warrant and a felony warrant.

The numerous items at the bus stop which were not claimed were called on to have PTD send a crew to dispose of and clean the trash plus fecal matter. 

On November 30, 2022, Resource Team officers served two narcotic search warrants at a converted apartment complex near 8200 North Black Canyon Freeway Access.  As a result of these search warrants 800+ fentanyl pills, and hundreds of dollars in cash were recovered.  Two suspects were apprehended and booked into jail.

Over the past several weeks, Community Action Officers received numerous complaints from community members reference trash, debris, and abandoned property collecting along the sidewalk. PHXCares was advised, and outreach efforts were deployed to the location.  On November 30, 2022, Cactus Park Precinct Community Action Officers along with City Streets Department employees conducted a clean-up along the right-of-way west of Cortez Park on 35th Avenue. During the clean-up, officers encountered a surprising number of individuals trespassing on the right of way. 10 individuals were encountered, 9 out of the 10 individuals provided false identifying information to officers, 6 were arrested after being identified as having felony warrants.  All 10 were issued trespass warnings and instructed to remove the property from the right-of-way. Once the property was claimed Streets Department conducted a clean-up of the area.

On November 7, 2022, the Human Exploitation and Trafficking Unit, with assistance from the Cactus Park Precinct Neighborhood Enforcement and Community Action Team, conducted a street prostitution enforcement operation in the area of 27th Avenue between Indian School Road and Northern Avenue.  This collaboration resulted in six arrests.

On November 4, 2022, Neighborhood Enforcement Team officers, supporting Adult Probation, conducted a compliance check at a vacation rental complex near 8200 North Black Canyon Highway.  During the compliance visit a quantity of drugs and cash was located.  Neighborhood Enforcement Team officers authored and served a search warrant for this location which led to the following items seized:

2900      Fentanyl Pills

173         Grams Methamphetamine

$7,300   Cash

1              Stolen Firearm


4 suspects were apprehended and booked.

On November 2, 2022, patrol officers from Cactus Park Precinct were in the area of 2700 West Peoria Avenue when they noticed a drug deal near a local convenience market.  Officers apprehended the two involved individuals and recovered the following:

2 Handguns

2250 M30 Fentanyl pills

50 Grams of Cocaine

20 prescription Oxycodone capsules

On October 26, 2022 the motor team, supporting our Cactus Park Precinct’s Crime Suppression Plan  conducted a Traffic Impact Program along 27th Avenue between Northern Avenue and Indian School Road.  This enforcement activity resulted in:

Hazardous speeding / violations:  24

Non-Hazardous speeding / violations:  16

Total charges:  49

Total Citations Issued:  24

No Insurance Tows:  7

Top Speed:  86 mph in 40 mph zone

1 Street Racing report authored

1 Felony arrest

Also on October 21, 2022 a woman was robbed at knifepoint in the area of 8600 North 27th Avenue.  The victim fled to a nearby convenience market where she called police.  Officers arrived within minutes and obtained descriptive suspect information from the victim which they relayed to patrol officers circulating the area.  Patrol officers located the suspect who was apprehended without issue.

October 21, 2022, Neighborhood Enforcement Team members were conducting concentrated enforcement at 27th Avenue/Northern Avenue.  The located a suspicious vehicle in the parking lot of the Super 8 Motel which was determined to be stolen.  The vehicle was stopped shortly after leaving the area, the driver and both passengers were arrested for various charges.

On October 4, 2022, Neighborhood Enforcement Team officers observed a drug deal at an apartment complex in the area of 8200 North Black Canyon Highway.  Officers conducted a traffic stop where 2 arrests were made and 700+ fentanyl pills recovered.  A search warrant was served on the related apartment leading to additional arrests, drug and firearm seizures.  In total, three arrests were made, approximately 2000 fentanyl pills and three firearms were seized.

9-27-2022:  The Transit Unit conducted follow up on narcotics complaints along 27th Avenue between Indian School Road and Glendale Avenue. In total, 6 arrests were made (all adults- 1 female and 5 males). A male with dangerous drugs and a misdemeanor warrant was arrested at Glendale Avenue. A suspected drug dealer was arrested near Bethany Home Road and 27th Avenue –  had a Department of Corrections Parole Violation warrant. A female with a felony warrant and dangerous drugs was arrested near 27th Avenue and Campbell and three males were arrested for various misdemeanor offenses there as well.

On 09-14-22 The Cactus Park Precinct Community Action Squad along with Desert Horizon Precinct’s Bike Squad worked collaboratively with navigator teams from Community Medical Services to provide services to community members along the I17 freeway overpasses, underpasses, and right of ways between Maryland and Thunderbird Rd. This program was initiated in response to numerous community complaints and at the request of ADOT and the City of Phoenix Neighborhood Services Department. These complainants range from illegal drug activity to congregating and loitering, causing obstruction of the pedestrians using the crosswalks in the City of Phoenix’s areas of maintenance responsibility.

25 individuals were contacted, 15 cited for Obstructing Streets or Public Areas PCC 23-9 8, 3 arrested and charged with felony warrants, 2 arrested and charged with misdemeanor warrants, 1 arrested and charges were filed for possession of dangerous drugs and possession of narcotic drugs, 1 recovered missing juvenile reunited with parents.

21 arrested or cited, 252 Fentanyl pills seized, 4grams of Methamphetamine seized, 1 accepted services, 2 requested services and accepted resource information. Several others were provided with resource pamphlets. 

on 9-27-2022 

On 9-13-2022

Transit Unit Detectives were conducting follow-up on a complaint of illegal drug activity when they observed the adult male suspect engaging in the use of narcotic drugs while at the bus stop in front of the elementary school at 80xx North 27th Avenue. As detectives contacted the suspect, he fled into the school property while discarding drug paraphernalia and a bag containing nearly 500 synthetic narcotic drug pills onto the playground which was occupied by students. Transit Unit Detectives apprehended the suspect and the school was placed on a lockdown while the suspect was removed from the property and a thorough search was completed to ensure no dangerous materials remained on the property. The adult male suspect was booked for Possession of Narcotic Drugs for Sale, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Possession of Illegal Drugs in a Drug Free School Zone, Endangerment, Evidence Tampering, and Interfering with the Peaceful Conduct of an Education Institution, and Criminal Trespassing.

On 09-7-22 The Cactus Park Precinct Community Action Squad assisted City Phoenix Urban Park Rangers with a directed outreach operation. Partnering with navigator teams from Community Medical Services to provide services to community members at Cortez Park. This program was initiated in response to numerous community complaints of illegal drug activity, violation of the City of Phoenix Parks code of conduct, and loitering in park after closure  (violation of P.C.C. 23-8B).

Park Rangers contacted 17 individuals for being in the park after hours and issued citations, 4 parking citations were also issued for vehicles illegally parked, CAO ’s assisted by providing identification and records checks and 8 felony warrants were discovered (one arrest led to a possession of narcotic drugs charge when 108 fentanyl pills were discovered.

While at Cortez park several encampments were encountered on SRP/Canal property. SRP/Anderson Security responded and trespassed 6 individuals whom SRP previously contacted on SRP property. Trespass warnings were provided and documented.

In total there were 8 felony arrests, 13 misdemeanor citations, 4 parking citations, 1 accepted services (connected with navigator for after jail release), 2 requested services but turned them down when they arrived, and several others were provided with resource information by CMS. 

On August 26, 2022, a security guard working at 27th and Northern Avenue noticed a Silent Witness robbery suspect on the property.  The security guard called 911 providing updates of the suspects location.  Neighborhood Enforcement Team officers located and apprehended the suspect who also had fentanyl in his possession.

August 23, 2022, Cactus Park Precinct NET/CAO Officers in collaboration with Transit Unit and provider navigators conducted directed outreach at 8114 North Black Canyon Highway.  20 individuals were contacted and offered services (one accepted services), 11 total arrests were made (8 felony arrests), 200 fentanyl pills, 29 grams methamphetamine, and one firearm was recovered.

August 18, 2022, NET officers observed a drug deal at 2700 West Northern Avenue.  When contacted, one of the subjects provided information regarding a large quantity of illegal drugs in a room at the nearby Super 8 Motel.  NET officers set up surveillance on the room and watched an individual leave the room and area in a vehicle.  After a traffic stop was conducted, officers observed drugs in plain view and arrested the individual who was in possession of 2000 fentanyl pills and a firearm.   A search warrant was authored for the Super 8 Motel room which resulted in two additional felony arrests and the seizure of 128 grams methamphetamine and 47 fentanyl pills. 

Cactus Park Precinct, Homicide Suspect Arrest, 2700 West Indian School Road

  On May 6, 2022, South Mountain Precinct Officers and the Transit Unit responded to a call of an unresponsive female on a City of Phoenix Bus in the area of 27th Avenue and Baseline Road. The female victim had obvious signs of trauma. She was transported to the hospital and succumbed to her injures. The Homicide Unit reviewed City bus video footage which revealed that the victim had been strangled by an unknown male. Various investigative measures were used to identify Joshua Bagley as an investigative lead. Additional video evidence traced the suspect’s travel around the Phoenix area. The Public Affairs Bureau distributed the suspect’s image to facilitate the arrest of Bagley. On May 10, 2022, Cactus Park Precinct officers responded to a citizen’s call that Bagley was in the area of 27th Avenue and Indian School Road. Bagley was located in the area of 25th Avenue and Elm Street. Bagley was arrested without incident and booked for one count of first-degree murder. The relentless pursuit and teamwork of the Officers of the South Mountain Precinct, Homicide Unit, Transit, Crime Impact Unit, and Cactus Park Precinct led to the arrest in this case.

Cactus Park Precinct, Narcotic Drugs for sales, I-17 and Northern Avenue

  On June 8th, 2022, Officers from the Cactus Park Precinct’s watch squad engaged in heightened enforcement near Northern and I-17. Officers surveilled the area and conducted several subject and traffic stops. During one stop officers arrested an adult male wanted for felony warrant found in possession of 1400 Fentanyl pills various other drugs. During a traffic stop of a suspicious vehicle officers observed drugs in plain sight. This stop led to two arrests and 165 Fentanyl pills.

Cactus Park Precinct, Arson Arrest, 2700 West Indian School Rd


 On June 6th, 2022, during a domestic dispute an adult male was observed by several witnesses set a trailer on fire. Witnesses called police and assisted in evacuating the three occupants. As officers arrived witnesses directed them to the suspected arsonist. Witnesses stepped forward and provided statements of their observations. The subject was described  to have been seen carrying a red gas can and made com

From Cactus Park Precinct:

On June 1, 2022, Neighborhood Enforcement Team officers were conducting surveillance on suspected drug activity at 27th Avenue and Northern Avenue when they located a vehicle taken in an armed robbery in the City of Glendale. Both occupants matched the description of the suspects from the original robbery. Resources from the Special Assignment Unit (SAU), Air Unit, and K-9 Unit were enlisted for assistance. The vehicle drove to the area of 27th Avenue and Camelback Road where the suspects abandoned the vehicle and were quickly apprehended. At the time of arrest, one of the suspects was armed with a handgun. Both suspects were booked into jail on various charges.

From the Phoenix Police Transit Unit
Cactus Park Precinct, Trespassing , 7000 North 26th Drive , 0800 HRS, Transit Unit personnel conducted follow-up on a report of illegal activity adversely impacting the public’s ability to use bus stops near 2600 West Glendale Avenue. During the investigation, two arrests were made of subjects with warrants.

2 Arrested of Felony Warrants, Felony Flight, Narcotic and Dangerous Drugs for sale and Misconduct involving weapons.

On May 11th, in the area of 35th Avenue and Clarendon the Neighborhood Enforcement Team officers conducted surveillance at a residence reference a wanted person with an outstanding felony warrant. Officers positively identified the male as the wanted suspect, they observed him enter his blue pickup truck and officers initiated a traffic stop. The suspect failed to yield to officers committing felony flight. Officers disengaged from the traffic stop attempt. A week later, the Neighborhood Enforcement Team officers conducted surveillance on the individual and apprehended him while he was on foot. The suspect was found to be in possession of fentanyl pills and crack cocaine. Officers established probable cause for a search warrant at residence nearby. A second subject was discovered also having outstanding felony warrants at this address. The search warrant yielded additional fentanyl tablets, crack cocaine, powdered cocaine, methamphetamines, indicia for drug sales, a loaded handgun, and $925.00 in U.S. currency.

Keen-eyed policing and unit partnership made this Felony Flight Arrest go smoothly for our officers.

In the early morning of May 18th, patrol officers noticed a suspicious empty moving truck at a convenience store at 28th and Cactus. These same officers later observed the same moving truck at another convenience store in the area of 35th Ave and Peoria. The patrol officers attempted a traffic stop on the box truck. Upon the initiation of the traffic stop the box truck failed to yield committing Felony Flight. With safety in mind, the officers disengaged from the traffic stop attempt, the air unit was deployed and a tactical surveillance was initiated. The air unit tracked the truck and observe the suspect/driver exited the vehicle in the area of 23rd avenue and Laurel Lane where he was apprehended by officers.

Drug sales arrest 28th Drive Cactus Road

On May 19th, Transit Unit Detectives conducted follow-up on a community complaint of illegal drug activity, trespassing, and loitering impacting access to public transit along 28th Drive and Cactus Road. This investigation resulted in the identification and apprehension of two adult males for narcotic and dangerous drug sales. Along with these arrest four individuals were arrested for illegal drug activity. 

Cactus Park Precinct, Drugs for Sale , 124xx North 28 Drive , 0945 HRS

On Thursday, May 19, 2022, Transit Unit Detectives conducted follow-up on a community complaint of illegal drug activity impacting access to public transit along 28th Drive Near Cactus Road. An investigation was conducted which resulted in the identification and apprehension of Suspects 1 & 2 for selling narcotic and dangerous drugs. 4 additional arrests were made of suspects involved in the illegal drug activity in the area.

On 05-12-22 The Cactus Park Precinct Resource Unit along with Transit Unit worked collaboratively with navigator teams from Community Medical Services to provide services to community members in the area of 2800 W Cactus Rd . This program was initiated in response to numerous community complaints of illegal drug activity and trespassing in the neighborhood and the bus stops.

Unmarked Neighborhood Enforcement and Transit officers identified two vehicles trespassing on 12XXX N 28th Dr. while officers were in observation mode, they identified six subjects engaged in consumption of narcotic drugs in and around the two vehicles. As uniformed marked officers attempted to detain the subjects one of the two vehicles attempted to flee striking a transit officer with the passenger door. The vehicle drove across the street where all three occupants bailed out of the vehicle and ran inside the convenience market. The driver was apprehended as he ran out of the west doors of the market and into the roadway. Two subjects were arrested inside the bathrooms of the market where they had been hiding from police until patrons of the market alerted police to their location. Simultaneously the driver of the second vehicle attempted to flee on foot and was apprehended by a NET officer.

Nine people were arrested for trespassing, among the arrests made were: 8 narcotic drug violations,5 drug paraphernalia violations,1 dangerous drug violation,6 misdemeanor and felony warrants, 1 subject was arrested for reckless endangerment (striking the officer with his vehicle door) 1 subject arrested for possession of $900 dollars in counterfeit US Currency. 2 vehicles impounded.

5-5-2022: PD received a complaint of individuals on the bus stop at 27th Avenue just north of Glendale Ave.  There were numerous shopping carts there as well.  Transit unit personnel responded to the north east corner bus stop at 27th Ave. and Glendale where they observed a male obstructing the thoroughfare in front of the bus stop. That individual was placed under arrest.  A large amount of debris was noted nearby.

Officers conducted outreach to several subjects that were accompanying the debris and those subjects agreed to move their belongings off of the public easement so as not to impede the use of the public transit system. By the time the PD personnel left the area, consumers of public transportation were able to use the bus stop and blight had been removed. None of the subjects contacted accepted resources.

5-4-2022: In the early morning hours of Wednesday, May 4 an officer from the Cactus Park Precinct followed up on neighborhood drug complaint, and recognized the suspected drug dealer with a felony warrant and he was stopped near 3800 W Berridge, arrested and booked on multiple charges.

During the weeks of April 11th and May 2nd, 2022, Cactus Park Precinct’s Neighborhood Enforcement Team and Community Action Team collaborated with the Human Exploitation and Trafficking Unit (H.E.A.T.) on a prostitution enforcement operation between Indian School Road and Northern Avenue.  There were 60+ arrests made as a result of this collaboration.

On April 28, 2022, Neighborhood Enforcement Team officers followed up on a narcotic complaint at a local convenience market on Bell Road.  Through observations and contacts made at this location, NET officers were able to identify a drug dealer who they traced back to a residence in the area of 35th Avenue/Glendale.  When the suspect was apprehended he was in possession of almost 20,000 fentanyl pills, a loaded handgun and $5k cash.  A search warrant was served on the residence which led to the seizure of additional firearms, cash and fentanyl.

On 04-27-22 The Cactus Park Precinct Resource Unit and Transit Unit worked collaboratively with navigator teams from Community Medical Services while providing directed outreach to community members in the area of 7800 N 27thAve and 2800 W Thunderbird Rd . This program was initiated in response to numerous community complaints of illegal drug activity and trespassing in the neighborhood. 


While providing access to resources to over 30 people, 2 individual accepted services, 4 individuals were given pamphlets with services. Transit officers identified 17 people trespassing at 2800 W Thunderbird Rd. officers observed the behavior of the individuals for a period of time and were able to observe several subjects engaged in consumption of narcotic drugs while trespassing on the property and the bus terminal. Seventeen people were cited or arrested for trespassing, among the arrests made were: 6 narcotic drug violations,7 subjects with felony warrants, 3 subjects with misdemeanor warrants, 1 misconduct involving weapons, 1 missing juvenile was recovered and 1 subject was wanted for questioning reference a homicide. 


While at 7800 N 27th Ave, 11 people were given trespassing warnings 2 subjects were arrested for felony and misdemeanor warrants.   

On April 27, 2022, Cactus Park Precinct’s Neighborhood Enforcement and Community Action Teams collaborated with Transit Unit Teams and CBI on directed outreach and enforcement in the area of 2700 West Augusta Avenue.  In total 11 subjects were contacted for trespassing, 3 were arrested and 1 accepted CBI services.