The Cactus Park Community Alliance Board

John Curfman – Chairman

John Curfman retired as a Database Analyst in late 2016 after a 36-1/2 year career in the telecommunications industry. He started in 1980 with Mountain Bell and worked through company changes which saw the company become USWest, then Qwest, and finally CenturyLink.

John is an Air Force Veteran and American Legion member who served in the Vietnam era. His Air Force days were spent in South Dakota, Korea, the Philippines, and his final year here at Luke AFB, Arizona.

John has completed 28 years as a sports official (Referee). High School baseball & basketball. Youth, High School and College Football. He currently is active in High School baseball and football.

John has been married for 30 years to his wife Mary who is presently the Budget Manager for the Arizona Department of Public Safety. (Az DPS).

John has 3 adult children and a granddaughter. You can email John at

Stan Bates – PNP Representative

Stan retired after a career in the Az Dept of Corrections. He is the Chair of the Cactus Wren Block Watch.

Stan is a double retiree from the Arizona State Government. He retired from both the Arizona Department of Health Services and the Arizona Department of Corrections after accumulating more than 41 years of credited service. Once he retired for the second time, he decided it was time to give back to the community where he lives so he joined and became the Chairman of the Cactus Wren Block Watch CWBW) and is also an active member of the Phoenix Neighborhood Patrol (PNP).

Stan proudly served in active duty for over 7 years in the United States Air Force during the Viet Nam war period before going back to college where he graduated from the University of Arizona. He has traveled extensively in North America and has been in all our 50 states at least twice except Hawaii which he has only been to once. He spent two years in Japan and has visited both Guam and Wake Islands in the Pacific.

He is married to his lovely wife, Sandi, who is also a retiree from State Government. Together they have 4 grown daughters living in Tucson, Chandler, and Surprise, Arizona as well as Eugene, Oregon. Lots of grand children have blessed their family and help keep Stan and Sandi young at heart!!!

You can email Stan at

Nancy Russo – Treasurer

Nancy joined CPCA in January 2018 and has served as Treasurer ever since. She retired from Cigna Healthcare in 2005 after 31 years of employment then continued working for 4 more years at APS, and another 4 years as a dental office administrator, finally going to full retirement status in January 2015.


Nancy has lived in her home in the Cactus Park community for over 30 yrs. She is also a Phoenix Neighborhood Patrol member.


Nancy recently was widowed after 38 yrs of marriage. She has two children, a son in the United States Air force, and a daughter married to a member of the US Marine Corps. She has twin 5 yr old grandchildren who reside in Calif, so makes trips over there often.

You can email Nancy at

Dee Raleigh – Board Member


I was born in (NE) Philadelphia, PA, but in 1972 my parents thought in their 3 daughters best interest was to move to the suburb of Marlton, NJ. This did not stop me from my love of roller derby. At 12yrs old I was training with the Philadelphia Warrior roller derby team, this was the minimum age requirement. Sadly, the roller derby went away & so did the training! I was part of the Bicentennial celebration Class of 1976 & graduated from Lenape High School in Medford, NJ. I married my high school sweetheart in 1978. A business offer from the family was received & accepted, therefore in 1978, Phoenix AZ was our new future. Unfortunately, our marriage didn’t last, but my residing in Phoenix did.

My life moved forward to be blessed with 2 daughters, 2 granddaughters, & 1 grandson (he’s severely autistic but understands what love is). In 1988 I met my life partner, & made it serious in 1990. Presently, I have been with my husband for 30yrs this April, 2020.

For the 42yrs I have lived here, I have worked as a pharmacist technician, had my own care home with 18 people, did telemarketing for a hotel supply distributor (which offered many opportunities to travel & open some great hotels); I consider myself as a Jane of  all trades. I have been the property manager of Del Ray Condominiums for 20yrs & have lived in the Cactus Wren neighborhood since 1990.

I became involved with my community in 2016. I joined our Cactus Wren neighborhood block watch, which led to me joining the Phoenix Neighborhood Patrol, & the Cactus Park Community Alliance.

I am honored to say now I have become a board member at large with the Cactus Park Community Alliance. I am looking forward to continuing with my community involvement within these great organizations.

You can email Dee at:

Jayme Mason – Board Member

Jayme’s bio to follow.

Tom Collinson – Board Member

Soon after marriage in 1978, my wife and I moved to Phoenix to start new careers here in the Valley of the Sun. Married now for forty-three years, we have always lived near or in the Cactus Park Precinct.

My early work here in the valley entailed Security Guard Services. I began working as a Security/Safety Officer for a major healthcare system that included work at five prominent hospitals in Arizona. I later owned and operated a licensed Security Guard Agency that focused primarily on major event security such as concerts, festivals, various sporting events and shows.

After transitioning in to the Occupational Safety and Health Field and earning several professional certifications, i.e. Certified Safety Professional (CSP), and others, the remaining part of my work before retirement in 2019 was as Safety Director for two large, national construction companies based here in Phoenix.

I am currently semi-retired and enjoy playing music (the Bass Guitar and the Ukulele) with several groups around the valley. I also enjoy spending time with my wife, visiting with friends, staying active, and volunteering time and services at the church.

My involvement in local civic affairs began when I was elected as Precinct Committeeman in 2012 representing the Rose Precinct in LD 20. I believe my involvement in civic affairs at the neighborhood/precinct level will continue to be beneficial to citizens, neighbors and residents of the community and I look forward to serving as a Board Member of the Cactus Park Community Alliance.

You can reach Tom at

Ginger Mate – Board Member

Ginger was elected to the CPCA Board in January 2021.  She is the Chairwoman of the Alta Vista Block Watch.

Her Bio will available shortly.

You can reach Ginger at

Alice Brandon – Board Member

My family moved us to Phoenix when I was 4 years old from St Louis, MO.  Attended Alhambra High School.

Moved into the Cactus Park area when our son was 4 years old.  When Don Gerard formed the Cactus Park block watch,  I was the secretary for the Cactus Park Block Watch and took notes/minutes.  My husband and I and several neighbors on our block and surrounding blocks held the first Neighborhood Appreciation Day at Cactus Park.   I contacted several of the surrounding establishment, such as Fry’s, Walgreens, and others stores and received donations for the games and raffles for the neighborhood picnic.  We cooked hamburgers and hot dogs that were all donated by Fry’s.  We had our District Leaders at our first ever Neighborhood Appreciation Day.   

Several years later, when Don was needing to retire from holding the monthly meetings, my husband and I stepped up and hosted the block watch meeting at our house for a couple of years.  We helped with the Tumbleweed holiday events building a couple of games and working them.  My son and I helped passing out the monthly newsletters.   We helped Moon Valley with a couple of events they put on.  When our son went to college, out of state, we moved out of the neighborhood to take care of my aging mother.

I worked for Bank One for 12 years in Human Resources.   I worked for the AZ Supreme Court in Human Resources for a year. Apollo College as a Placement Director assisting the students with their internship and securing employment.

I traveled to other states demonstrating the Vitamin Blender in Costco and Sam’s Club.  Every two weeks I was on a plane going to meet up with a co-worker to sell the blender.  That was so much fun and I got to travel more in 7 years that I ever had.  

I currently work for CVS Pharmacy for the last 6 years.  I am a Hiring Agent, assisting the stores and pharmacist hiring staff for the store.  

I have been ballroom dancing for the last 10 years, along with country dancing, and West Coast Swing.  My favorite dances are Waltz, Foxtrot, Cha Cha,.. well all of them.


Honorary Board Member