I’m needing your help once again this grant year.  We’re trying to justify our existence as usual and we also have some items we’ve purchased that we’d like to go to folks who actually turn in PNP hours

Would it be possible to get a listing like last year with folks in 900 (Cactus Park) who lave logged hours and how many were logged to date in 2020?

I have the doc you sent last year for reference.  (At least I think it’s the one).

Also….  I try to put the PNP City Wide agenda’s on the PNP members website but have not seen one yet.  (Unless I bungled things and deleted it).  Can you forward it to me?

Thanks !!

Talk to you soon.

John Curfman

CPCA October Community Meeting on ZOOM

Thanks to those who joined us for our October 28 meeting. Andrea Gaston from Council District 1 (Thelda Williams) provided valuable information regarding happenings in the District. The city needs your help determining the future of our bus system and urges you to attend a virtual (on-line) meeting the evening of November 11. You can find details on our Calendar Entry for this meeting. Our guest speaker this evening was Joan Campbell from the Maricopa County Attorney's Office who spoke to us about Scams. This type of criminal activity is even more prevalent during the Pandemic but these scammers are always trying to get their hands on our money, pandemic or not.

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Hi, I’d like your opinion on the logo below.  Will something like this work for both CPCA and PNP grants?  For example if this appears on promo Pens or perhaps a different item, can I use this for either the CPCA or the PNP grants?

(That way I don’t need separate images and can just use one).

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When is the next Community Meeting?

Frankly, we’re not sure.  So many organizations and businesses have been stopped in their tracks by the Coronavirus pandemic.  Please check back regularly.  we’ll work on our next meeting as soon as restrictions have been lifted.

The formal part of our meeting begins at 6:30PM.

Will I be able to attend a Break-Out session with my CAO?

Please note that we will no longer offer CAO breakout sessions during our meeting.  If you would like to be involved in a discussion with CAO’s, please attend the CAO session prior to the meeting.

Community Action Officers (CAO’s) are available for discussion from 6:00PM to 6:30PM.

What does ‘PNP’ Mean?

PNP stands for “Phoenix Neighborhood Patrol” which are our members who have participated in a half-day training by Phoenix PD.

Can I view Neighborhood Newsletters here?

YES !!  Click on “Links and Newsletters” at the top of the page.

How do I learn about and register for the Phoenix Citizen Police Academy?

The link is    There is a link to the application form about half-way down the page after the list of upcoming classes or it may be downloaded here:   The 2-page form must be printed as it cannot be filled in on the computer.  Then it may be returned by FAXing, scanning and emailing, or putting it in an envelope and mailing it as indicated at the bottom of the form.  If there is a need to contact someone, an email may be sent to Detective Joel Leavitt at     or, if there is need for a quicker response, call the desk at 620 W Washington  602-262-6011 and ask to speak to someone on the Community Engagement Team of the Community Relations Bureau.  Due to assignment rotations, Detective Leavitt may not currently have direct involvement with the Citizen Police Academy.  It is not recommended to call the phone number provided on the website as the work load of the Community Engagement Team may not permit a timely response due to having to address matters of greater priority.

How do I learn about and register for the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office Community Academy?

The link is     Persons interested should email their request to the Community Action Team at    A member of the team will reply with a link to the Background Check Authorization form.  The form may be filled out online but will have to be printed.  Then either FAX it to the number provided (may take several tries) or scan it and email it back (usually the best option).  Within a few days the team will typically email an acknowledgement that the form has been received and will later contact you prior to the beginning of the sessions with where to go and when to be there.

How do I learn about and register for the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office Citizens Academy?

The link is       On the right side of that web page are links to two pdf documents.  The first is a brochure describing the program and the second is the application form.  The application form must be printed as it cannot be filled in on the computer.  Once completed, the application must be FAXed or mailed to the number/address provided at the bottom of the form.

What does ‘PNP’ Mean?

PNP stands for “Phoenix Neighborhood Patrol” which are our members who have participated in a half-day training by Phoenix PD.

What do PNP Members do?

PNP Members watch out for their neighborhoods by knowing what is usual and what is unusual.  They are watchful while walking the dog or just taking a walk, riding their bike or simply driving through their neighborhood.  You are encouraged to know your neighbors and immediate area.    That car that has been parked a couple houses down.  Does it belong to a resident?  How about the people sitting in it for the past half-hour.  Is that unusual or suspicious?  How about the repairman parked in front of your neighbor’s house 3 doors down that you know are in California?

I’m a busy person without a lot of free time.  How much time will be required for patrols, data recording, or other activities if I become a PNP member?

You dedicate whatever time you feel comfortable.  Once you are trained, others may ask that you accompany them on a patrol.  There is no minimum requirement for time you must dedicate to the program.  No one will inquire of the time you have spent that is dedicated to PNP.  We hope that you will dedicate at least some time each month making your neighborhood a safer place for all.

How do I go about becoming a PNP member so that I can help patrol my neighborhood?

You must attend a half-day training session administered by the Phoenix Police Department.  A link to the training schedule, location, and other basic information can be found HERE.

How much is it going to cost me to be a PNP member?  Are there things I will be expected to purchase?  Are there things that PNP members typically purchase to assist with their patrols even though it isn’t a stated requirement?

The only cost to become a PNP member is the 4 hours you will spend in the initial training.  A PNP t-shirt which is required to be worn while on patrol will be provided to you upon completion of training.  If you use your personal vehicle for patrolling, identifying signs or flags should be used.  These are available for purchase.  Some neighborhood organizations can assist you to obtain them.

When and where are the city-wide PNP meetings held?

There is a monthly meeting for all PNP members (this meeting is NOT mandatory) held the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 6:30PM in the Mountain View Precinct Community Room.

Training downtown for Stan and John starts in:

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