Content on this page is extracted from City of Phoenix PD Notifications

It is intended to raise awareness within our community.  We will post these beginning in January 2022 as they arrive from the city.  Newest receipted notifications are shown first.

SO Base Info
SO 202208 RossTimothy
SO_202208 PlattAlvin
SO_202208 RuelasEdward
SO_202205 WardChristopher
SO_202205 ReynoldsJaylenC
SO_202205 MartinezKevin
SO_202205 OliverScottMichael
SO_202204 TarinRichard
SO_202204 PerezJoel

Level 2 Offender - Notification Jan 2022

Level 2 Offemder - Notification Feb 2022

Level 3 Offemder - Notification Feb 2022

SO_202201 ScottMichaelOliver
SO_202203 ShawnTCasto

Level 2 Offender - Notification in January 2022

Level 3 Offender - Notification in January 2022

SO_202201 LeroyOnesalt
SO_202201 RodneyRowley
20220119_SO SutherlandJennifer
20211111 SO WorthAnthony
20211111 SO SmithScott
20111111 SO Americanhorse