yPatrol Appreciation

In the course of CPCA Events which includes events in the community, our monthly meetings, Councilwoman Williams’ monthly breakfast and others, we have many opportunities to interface with our precinct Community Action Officers (CAO’s).  They help us with block watches, neighborhood issues, and we’ve had many chances to tell them we are thankful to their service.

If you are a Patrol officer on the street there is not the same opportunity to “Feel the Love”.  So the CPCA decided to take the Love to them.  In August and September 2019 members of the CPCA accompanied District 1 Councilwoman Thelda Williams and BMCA members set out to visit squad briefings in the precinct and spend a few minutes with the officers at their briefing.  We told them we are aware of the negative social media and realize many of the folks they encounter in their daily work are not the most upstanding citizens around.

We told them there are folks who really appreciate what they do every day to keep us and our neighborhoods as safe as possible.

A special thanks to Councilwoman Williams and LaMar Donuts for providing the “power rings” for all the officers and to the Metro Center subway store at 2815 W Peoria Av (Roger Hagadorn) who served the Cactus Park officers and North Phoenix Subway at 23425 N 39th Dr (Chad Barnett) who served the Beuf officers for donating sub sandwiches for them prior to heading out to their beats.

Here are some pictures of our visits to the officers who patrol our streets every day but do not have opportunities to meet with community group.