My name is Sandra Miller, and I am the head of the Officer Appreciation Program for the Cactus Park Precinct and have been for two and a half years. The program has provided snacks, water, pizzas, 6’ sandwiches, bagels and cream cheese, cakes, etc for the officers and civilian employees in the precinct. We have bought a new coffee pot to replace their broken one, and I was able to get a refrigerator donated to the precinct when theirs died.

We are able to do this through the generous donations that we receive from the communities within the precinct boundaries. Since May is the last of the association meetings for the summer, we won’t be getting any donations until the meetings start up again in September, so we decided to have a water drive to help get them through as much of the summer months as possible. Our goal is at least 5,000 or more bottles of water. June 4, 2022 from 9:00 am to noon is the scheduled date and time of the drive at Cactus Park, across from the precinct.

Could you please let your communities know about this project so that we can have a successful turnout and show of support for our “Boys and Girls in Blue” as well as the civilian support staff? If there is anyone that wants to donate water or cash, but will be unable to attend on June 4th, we will be happy to pick up their donations. Please contact any of the people listed below.

Sandra Miller

The Officer Appreciation Program provides support to the officers at Cactus Park Precinct

“The Cactus Park Community Alliance supports this effort and encourages you to help keep it alive.  It directly impacts morale of our precinct officers. Please help.”

Back in November 2019, United Neighbors Association (UNA), started Operation Officer Appreciation to provide support to the officers at Cactus Park Precinct.  Originally, this was planned as a one-time event where a special dinner was provided.  Instead, because of the overwhelming support the project received, it has evolved into an ongoing project where the committee, headed by Sandra Miller, has been purchasing and delivering supplies to stock the precinct “cantina” as well as providing pizza, desserts, bagels & cream cheese, and subs on a regular basis.  The OOA project has made a difference to the officers, and weare so grateful to the many supporters who have donated to the project! Unfortunately, UNA dissolved in January 2021, so the neighborhood is no longer active.  Without a neighborhood newsletter or blast email, there have been few options available to help get the word out!

That’s why we are now reaching out to individuals, community leaders, businesses, and neighborhood associations throughout the Cactus Park Precinct area to help support this very worthwhile cause!  Funds for the project are low… at a time when it is more important than ever to be showing our officers they are appreciated, especially during the holidays!

Your help is needed!   There are lots of ways to help make a difference to our officers!

  • Call Sandra Miller at 602-686-0795 to arrange for a pickup by a representative at your home or business.
  • Send your donation to: Ima Jean Dolan – 3749 West Gardenia Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85051 – checks payable to Operation Officer Appreciation.  Please include your name, address, email, and phone number so that your contribution can be acknowledged.
  • Invite an Operation Officer Appreciation representative to do a 5-minute presentation at your neighborhood association meeting.
  • Promote the project within your association by being a one-time monthly sponsor. Pick a month in advance and take collections from your association.  Coordinate with Sandra Miller to determine if you will be stocking the cantina for that month or providing lunch or dinner for the officers. 
  • Advertise and promote the project in your association newsletter or eblast to help spread the word!
  • We’re open to suggestions! Call Sandra Miller at 602-686-0795 for more information about the project and ways you can be involved!

Together, we can make a difference!