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Metro Block Watch is made up entirely of resident volunteers who care about our community and want to help our neighbors; and we appreciate our volunteers! We work with Phoenix Police and city departments to keep our crime rate low, reduce blight and make our area an even better place to live, work and shop.

Metro Block Watch extends from I-17 to 35th Avenue and from Dunlap to Peoria Avenues and includes both residences and area businesses.  Come join us.

When Will Metro Block Watch Meetings Resume?

That is currently a question without an answer. We will not be able to meet at the hotel for at least the remainder of 2020 due to several challenges on their end.


Our meeting options in the area are rather limited (although we have received some possibly workable suggestions), and some of our residents are still not ready to meet in a group at this time. 

“If you see something, SAY something” is a phrase we haven’t mentioned for a while. But if you see something, who do you report it to?

  • If you see a crime in progress, call 9-1-1.
  • If it is suspicious activity or a crime that happened recently, call Crime Stop (602-252-6151).
  • For past unsolved felony crimes, you can call Silent Witness (480- WITNESS).
  • For suspected terrorism-related suspicious activity, go to www.azactic.gov/report (Arizona Counter-Terrorism Information Center). You can also call them at 877-272-8329, and there is a mobile app link on their website, as well. Each option allows you to remain anonymous if you wish.

 B.O.L.O. (Be On the Lookout)  & Crime Corner



Since Metrocenter Mall closed at the end of June (except for a few businesses) there have been issues with “squatters” in vehicles thinking that they can park permanently in the Metrocenter parking lot and live out of their vehicles.


They are not allowed to do that legally. While we are told that Metrocenter still has a security firm, we rarely see them, and they haven’t been addressing these vehicles.


We have been working with Police for over two months on different problem vehicles that have been parking just south of the Bus Transit station, facing Metro Parkway.

One particularly persistent case is an older white van with a handicapped Arizona license plate LTD-99. Police finally got it moved out, along with another white sedan (License Plate ABM-6283), a couple of weeks ago, but until that time, there appeared to be some kind of drug trade happening between the van and the sedan.


Several times we saw the sedan backed up at a right angle to the van’s driver’s door with its trunk open (making it simpler to transfer “contraband.”) Special thanks to Mike & Kathy for reporting this multiple times to Crime Stop, and thanks to our CAO Austin Diaz for his help with this issue.


If you see this van or the car parked anywhere around Metrocenter for an extended time, please call Crime Stop to report it, as they tend to move their vehicles, but they don’t leave.

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We can be emailed at:  MetroBW@cox.net

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Metro Block Watch   3039 W Peoria Av #C102-220    Phoenix, AZ 85029