We strive to provide informative meetings.  Here we list

some recent meetings with topics and speakers.

Cactus Park Community Alliance and Cactus Park Phoenix Neighborhood Patrol hold joint meetings.

Note we are presently on summer break.  See our calendar for Coffee with a Cop events.  See you in September !!

Note that at ALL meetings include:

  • Representative(s) of our precinct including our Commander and CAO’s to provide a crime update and address any questions or issues you may have.
  • Representative(s) from our City Council District 1 (Ann O’Brien) office to provide information on city programs and issues.
  • Phoenix Neighborhood Patrol (P.N.P.) updates and topics important to your participation in the program.

September 2021

This evening we were joined by Derrik Rochwalik from the City Council District 1 office who spoke to events occurring in our District.  Bexxy Aguilera told us about Parks & Rec events including the upcoming Boo Fest.

Detectives from the Phoenix Police Department Sex Offender Notification Squad informed us about the various levels of Sex Offenders and when citizens and neighborhoods would be notified about their presence.  They took questions from the Community.

Our PNP Rep Stan Bates spoke of PNP Radar Activities, provided announcements of upcoming events and encouraged any interested Community member to attend upcoming PNP Training classes.

May 2021

There were several agenda items of interest to all.

  1. The new Council District 1 staff introduced themselves and spoke about priorities for Councilwoman O’Brien.  They also answered questions from Community members ranging from recent City and State Legislation to the reopening of schools in the fall and mask requirements.  Thank You to Yvonne Roeder and Derrik Rochwalik for the discussion and information.  You can reach Yvonne, Derrik, and Councilwoman Ann O’Brien by emailing council.district.1@phoenix.gov
  2. We received a Parks & Recreation update from Bexxy Aguilera, City of Phoenix Parks & Rec Coordinator for the Beuf Recreation and Community Center.
  3. An update from our Community Action Officers (CAO’s) on law enforcement activities within our precinct.
  4. A very engaging presentation from Joan Campbell of the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office on Travel Scams.  Several of you asked to be able to view the presentation on your own and at your leisure.  You can find it HERE in PDF format.  It will open in a new browser tab.  If you wish to save it for future viewing, right click on and choose “Save” or “Save As”.  It will be stored on your own device for retrieval whenever convenient for you.

April 2021

Our presentation this evening was by Jesus Haro, an Emergency Services Planner from the Maricopa County Department of Emergency Management.  Mr. Haro shared a presentation with our Community.  He explained the purpose of emergency management, provided information on leadership including from both County and City of Phoenix, reviewed the phases of emergency management: mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery.  He spoke of natural hazards, dangers of the heat of our desert summer, wildfire safety and many other topics.

His slides for this informative session can be found HERE.

March 2021

Our speaker this evening was Special Agent Tazden Starnes, from the U.S Department of Homeland Security Investigations Unit.  Agent Starnes spoke to many I.C.E. issues including what types of issues and investigations fall to his office and how those are handled.  International money laundering, sale of weapons to sanctioned countries, financial crimes and many others.  Also discussed was the global reach of CBP/ICE and they have 7100 agents in 220 cities around the US and 80 offices in 53 countries.

February 2021

Our guest this evening was District 1 Councilwoman and Vice-Mayor Thelda Williams.  She spoke of her many years on the Council and some of the challenges she has faced as she prepares to retire from public service in April this year.  She also provided updates of current issues facing the City and District 1.  She said she appreciates Cactus Park Community Alliance and Cactus Park Phoenix Neighborhood Patrol for the service provided to our Precinct.  Leaders of CPCA and CP-PNP thanked her as well for her support over the years.

January 2021

Our headline speaker this evening was Michael Book from Valley Metro. Topic was the Light Rail Northwest Extension into Metro Center and security in Rail facilities. Also from Valley Metro were Don Schneidmiller, Bree Boehlke, and Tony Santana. Phoenix PD Transit Enforcement Lt. Schweikert who oversees a squad of16 officers who patrol over 4400 bus stops spoke of transit security issues. This squad made 1,080 arrests in 2020.

October 2020

Our guest this evening was Joan Campbell from the Maricopa County Attorney’s office.  Ms. Campbell presented on scams the office is seeing in today’s environment.  From the usual items being filed and prosecuted through COVID specific scams meant to defraud the public.

September 2020

This evening, Phoenix PD Employment Services Bureau Commander Charles Consolian addressed the Community on issues facing Police Recruiting in 2020.  Police Departments have faced many challenges over the past few years with the most recent being widespread protests and recent shootings by Police.  Commander Consolian also provided updates on recent crime trends in Phoenix.

March 2020


August 2020

All meetings were suspended in mid-March due to the emerging Coronavirus pandemic.  All meetings until this time were held in person in the Auditorium at the College America Campus at MetroCenter.  At the time none of the Citizens organizations had subscriptions to conferencing options like Zoom and WebEx.  By the time we figured it out the summer was nearly over.  Our September 2020 meeting was the first one using the virtual platforms.  Since that time our meetings have all been virtual. As of June 2021 we are on summer break.  We hope that beginning in September 2021 we can meet in person once again.

February 2020

Our guest this evening was Deputy Maricopa County Attorney Casey Mundell.  His presentation was regarding those who commit crimes against animals and how these often are a pre-cursor to the person moving on to more serious crimes against property and people.  He stressed that if you become aware of anyone regardless of their age committing abuse or crimes against animals they should be reported.

January 2020

Our presenter this evening was Sgt. Armando Hurtado of the Cactus Park Precinct Burglary Detail. Sgt. Hurtado spoke of importance of recording serial numbers of valuable items and to secure vehicles to deter ID theft.  If you see someone suspicious note clothing, and general appearance including any tattoos.  Call Crime Stop or 911 as appropriate.  Open garages are an invitation to those who would steal.

December 2019

Our annual Holiday Party was held in the College America Auditorium.  At this meeting any outstanding items from the prior year are discussed and resolved or voted on.  A potluck then followed.  Click HERE for some pictures taken that evening.