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The Lake Biltmore

Block Watch

Our little slice of heaven consists of the area from Cactus Road in the North to Peoria Avenue in the South and from 28th Drive in the East to 35th Avenue in the West. Our Block Watch emphasizes Crime Prevention within our neighborhood as well as insuring we engage in activities designed to remove graffiti and enhance the overall appearance of our entire Community. We whole heartedly support the Phoenix Neighborhood Patrol and the Cactus Park Police Precinct.

Join us at our next meeting on February 8, 2022.  We are hoping to be able to meet in person as well as virtually. 

Check back here for more information as our meeting date draws nearer.

Here are some of the recent things happening in our Block Watch area as reported by one of our residents:

New Year's Eve, approx 4:30/4:45p.m - I first called crime stop to report suspicious guy on 28th Dr (around 11025 North) acting erratically. I immediately hung up & called 911 when I realized the guy was carrying a sawed-off (or short-barrel) shotgun w/ pistol grip & [he] shot it the direction of northbound traffic on/along 28th Dr, no less!!  PPD responded within a few min (8 cruisers; see attached pic).  Caught the guy, to which they had me do a 1-on-1 for positive i.d.  Another witness came fwd stating she & friend saw same guy walking on 28th Dr waving the gun but didn't see him fire it.   However, officers never found the gun but did find shotgun shells in his pants pockets! My guess is that he ditched it in the sidewalk storm drain or a nearby culvert.

On Jan 9, approx 9:00p.m, a homeowner at my old complex ( xxxxx N. 28th Dr) called in 2 suspicious people.  Officer arrived, found 1 guy sleeping or passed out.  The officers woke him up and guy took off.  Officers. caught up to him, the guy resisted, and they started fighting.  Ofc called for backup. Again, HUGE PD response!!  That guy got arrested & hauled off to jail. The other guy was never found.  Medics were there to treat the officers' injuries.  There was 1 male and 1 female officer injured.

In regards to the above incidents, the amount of officers that responded each time and the response time it took was beyond impressive!!!!  KUDOS to Cactus Park (900) precincts finest!!!