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Information regarding the DOJ Probe of the Phoenix PD

The Cactus Park Community Alliance encourages you to comment to the US DOJ on any experiences you may have had with the Phoenix Police Department.  The DOJ is looking for all responses, not just negative.  Much of the reason for the investigation is driven by a small but vocal group of dissenters.  Please take a few moments to tell DOJ about your positive encounters with Phoenix PD.  Thank You  The email address and phone number are noted below in orange.

If you want additional information about the DOJ investigation, please go to the DOJ website at www.justice.gov

Additionally, any individuals with relevant information about the Phoenix PD should contact the DOJ via email at Phoenix.Community@usdoj.gov or they may call toll free to 866-432-0335.  The information one choses to relay to the DOJ can be both positive as well as negative towards the Phoenix PD.

During the first meeting held virtually earlier this year, most of the folks contributing information and opinions were more negative towards the police but that does not mean that folks with positive stories should not have their voices heard!!! Experiences both positive and negative are each individual’s experiences and need to be heard to get the full story and not just a one-sided conversation!

Thank you, The CPCA Community

Operation Officer Appreciation provides support to the officers at Cactus Park Precinct

“The Cactus Park Community Alliance supports this effort and encourages you to help keep it alive.  It directly impacts morale of our precinct officers. Please help.”

Back in November 2019, United Neighbors Association (UNA), started Operation Officer Appreciation to provide support to the officers at Cactus Park Precinct.  Originally, this was planned as a one-time event where a special dinner was provided.  Instead, because of the overwhelming support the project received, it has evolved into an ongoing project where the committee, headed by Sandra Miller, has been purchasing and delivering supplies to stock the precinct “cantina” as well as providing pizza, desserts, bagels & cream cheese, and subs on a regular basis.  The OOA project has made a difference to the officers, and weare so grateful to the many supporters who have donated to the project! Unfortunately, UNA dissolved in January 2021, so the neighborhood is no longer active.  Without a neighborhood newsletter or blast email, there have been few options available to help get the word out!

That’s why we are now reaching out to individuals, community leaders, businesses, and neighborhood associations throughout the Cactus Park Precinct area to help support this very worthwhile cause!  Funds for the project are low… at a time when it is more important than ever to be showing our officers they are appreciated, especially during the holidays!

Your help is needed!   There are lots of ways to help make a difference to our officers!

  • Call Sandra Miller at 602-686-0795 to arrange for a pickup by a representative at your home or business.
  • Send your donation to: Ima Jean Dolan – 3749 West Gardenia Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85051 – checks payable to Operation Officer Appreciation.  Please include your name, address, email, and phone number so that your contribution can be acknowledged.
  • Invite an Operation Officer Appreciation representative to do a 5-minute presentation at your neighborhood association meeting.
  • Promote the project within your association by being a one-time monthly sponsor. Pick a month in advance and take collections from your association.  Coordinate with Sandra Miller to determine if you will be stocking the cantina for that month or providing lunch or dinner for the officers. 
  • Advertise and promote the project in your association newsletter or eblast to help spread the word!
  • We’re open to suggestions! Call Sandra Miller at 602-868-0795 for more information about the project and ways you can be involved!

Together, we can make a difference!

Message from Councilwoman Ann O’Brien

I’m keeping things short again this week in light of the holidays. After the Christmas and New Year’s holidays we’ll go back to our regular newsletter featuring important City of Phoenix news and stories from our school districts and communities! But for this week I wanted to focus on family and giving back.

The Christmas holiday is just around the corner and I hope you’re all getting an opportunity to spend it with friends and family. Maybe some of you are out of town. Perhaps some of you have out-of-town visitors. Whatever your situation may be, I hope you cherish the moment of togetherness and celebrate a wonderful holiday! 

If you or your family are looking for fun activities over the weekend or are looking for a way to give back, we’ve compiled some ideas below for your consideration.  

One final thing, Officer Tyler Moldovan is still fighting for his life in the ICU. As you gather around with friends and family and as you attend your church services throughout the upcoming weekend, please pray for the recovery of Officer Moldovan and for his family during this trying time. My prayers and hopes are with the Moldovan family this holiday season.

From the Council District 1 Office and my family, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

All my best, 


District 1 Community Meeting

Details regarding the next meeting will be posted here when available.

Please RSVP In Advance via the link in Ann’s e-newsletter.

Hello District 5 Residents and Friends,

As the weather is getting warmer, there are so many spring activities and programs that are happening in District 5 and throughout the City. It’s also the new budget season, where Phoenix residents can have their voices heard and see how the City budget is spent. In the March edition of Neighborhood News, learn about the District 5 budget survey and public hearing, small business grants and support, an Earth Day event, street safety improvements, the Maryvale Resource Fair, and more.     Read the District 5 News

Did you know?

The Phoenix Police Department now has a mobile app, bringing a
variety of resources and information to one place. Users can use the
app to access online reporting, crime statistics, precinct locations, phone
numbers, career opportunities, virtual block watch, victims’ rights
information, and more. Users can also turn on notifications from the
precinct they live in to receive news updates and information on events
in their area. To watch the video released, please click here.

The App is now available both in the Apple  store for iOS and in the Google Play Store for Android.