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Time left until our October meeting

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The I-17 On and Off ramps and frontage roads near Peoria Ave and Cactus Roads could involve detours and may be closed through early 2021.  See the ADOT Flyer for details.

Hey folks, this message on Friday 10-16 from the City of Phoenix:

Attention City of Phoenix Water Services customers: Phoenix Water Services customers have received notices at their home with the information to call back to schedule a time to allow someone to enter their homes to check the quality of their water. This is a scam!

#PHXWater employees do not go door to door to check on the quality of your water and they will not enter your home.

Never allow anyone to enter your home without verifying who they are. If you have any questions regarding City Services or want to verify any notices you receive, you may call Phoenix Customer Services Monday – Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 602-266-6251.

In 1984, October was designated as Crime Prevention Month through a Presidential proclamation. Since then, NCPC (National Crime Prevention Council) has been working with local law enforcement, government agencies, civic groups, schools, businesses, and other organizations to help them spread the word about crime prevention and personal safety. With shrinking law enforcement budgets across the country, the role that each of us can play in preventing crime is more important than ever.

Our country faces challenges similar to those that led to the creation of McGruff. That is why, for 40 years, his message has been to urge everyone young and old to do their part to “Take A Bite Out Of Crime®.” Join NCPC as we celebrate Crime Prevention Month 2020 as well as McGruff’s milestones.

We are counting on you to help spread the word in your community. Email info@ncpc.org or visit NCPC’s Crime Prevention Month landing page to learn more.

9-12-2020 Back the Blue Cactus Park (Click image for more)

Random Gunfire

is becoming a common occurrence and is extremely dangerous! 

We have re-posted the below from a United Neighbors Block Watch message:

Repeatedly, I am receiving text messages and emails from residents reporting they heard gunfire in their area which is very concerning.  There are also numerous posts on Next Door about gunfire with many neighbors chiming in that they heard it.  The problem is that few people are calling 911 to report it.  I have no doubt that the offender could be located if everyone worked together to call and report so that the area could be narrowed down.  

With enough input from witnesses and working together, it could be a crime that could be solved.  It’s good to let me know and it’s good to post the report on Next Door.  But, please call 911 first!  

In driving the neighborhood, it appears there are a number of vacant houses.  If you notice an empty house on your street, please be observant and watch for illegal activity or the property not being maintained.  

I am anxious to get back together with regular meetings but in the meantime, I appreciate everything that individuals are doing to help each other during this crisis.

Fraud Alert…..
ADOR Advises Taxpayers to be Aware of Third-Party Tax Collection Letters

The Arizona Department of Revenue (ADOR) wants taxpayers to know if they receive a letter from a third-party collections agency that uses the title “Distraint Warrant,” the department does not sanction this notice and does not currently use third-party tax collectors.

The Distraint Warrant letter advises the recipient of unpaid taxes to the State of Arizona and that the “State of Arizona uses the warrant in collection actions, such as garnishment of wages, bank accounts, property seizures, federal tax refund offset, and creation of a property lien.” The notice then provides a deadline to call a 1-800 number.

The Department of Revenue has been made aware of taxpayer concerns regarding the letter’s aggressive tone.

Before considering more formal enforcement action, the department will work with a taxpayer to arrive at voluntary compliance including utilizing options such as an appropriate payment plan.

If the Department of Revenue determines formal enforcement actions are required, written notices will clearly include department letterhead, taxpayer information, and outline next steps. An ADOR written notice will not use the term, “Distraint Warrant.

Taxpayers with questions about ADOR correspondence can contact the department at www.azdor.gov./contact-us.

For additional information on the Arizona Department of Revenue visit www.azdor.gov.

<——  At left:  CPCA donates a check for $150  to a relief fund for PD Officers on the front lines of demonstrations to PPSLA (Phoenix Police Sergeants and Lieutenants Association)..  Robert Labate contributed $50 of that.  Thank you Robert and Thank You Dave Ford and Judy Stout for representing CPCA at the ceremony.

Cactus Park Community Alliance congratulates and welcomes Commander Bill Wickers.  Commander Wickers is replacing Commander Charlie Consolian who was transferred to the Employment Services Bureau effective on May 11, 2020.  

We are sad to lose Commander Consolian and wish him well in his new position.  We sincerely welcome Commander Wickers and look forward to working with him.

Commander Wickers started his career with Phoenix PD in 1004 in Cactus Park.

Cactus Park Community Alliance  welcomes our new Resource Lieutenant, Scott Cain.

Scott is replacing the recently retired Russ Frederiksen who we will miss dearly.  Thank you for your years of dedication to us, Russ.

You may have run across Scott over the years.  Prior to being promoted to Lieutanant, Scott had been the CAO Sgt. for the Black Mountain Precinct prior to being promoted to Lt. and having his most recently duty in the Mountain View Precinct.  

We look forward to being able to working with Scott in the very near future.

Welcome Scott !!


To end panhandling, we must stop giving directly to individuals that panhandle.

Phoenix is full of compassionate and charitable citizens. They want to help those in need. However, giving money to people panhandling doesn’t fix problems. To truly help those in need, stop giving money to panhandlers and instead support organizations and services that provide long-lasting care.  Central Arizona Shelter Services  Andre House  Salvation Army  St. Joseph the Worker  UMOM New Day Centers  The Phoenix Rescue Mission  St. Mary’s Food Bank For more organizations and information on housing or other services, please visit the Homeless Shelter Directory webpage at: Homeless Shelter Directory.


All in-person meetings and events have been postponed or cancelled due to Coronavirus restrictions. 

Please join us for virtual meetings.  See our calendar for details.

FundPHX Lets You Learn About the Dollars and Sense in Phoenix’s Budget

Are you interested in diving into the dollars and sense behind what makes the city of Phoenix run? Now you can learn more about all the programs and services the city provides, and what it costs to bring them to you every day.

That’s possible through a new tool, called FundPHX, that takes the city’s $1.4 billion General Fund operating budget and brings it directly to your device – computer, smart phone or tablet. All the city’s programs are there, with costs and descriptions, so you can learn about what it takes to provide everything from youth recreation activities to reading programs and senior services in your neighborhood.

With FundPHX you can provide comments directly on the budget, and let the city know what you think is important. You can add funding to programs you’d like to see grow, and reallocate funding from programs that you feel could be used elsewhere. Once you’ve made your choices, save your work, and share it with the city.

Looking to learn more?  Visit phoenix.gov/fundphx, or watch this short video.


Our Precinct’s very own Lt Frederiksen ran in the recent Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon on Sunday, January 19th 2020.  Not only did he run, but did it in full gear !!  Check out Channel 15’s article on him HERE.

Coffee with a Cop was March 2020 – Ronnie’s Cafe

Goulet Alessandro Carlo Beuf Remembrance

Community…..  There was a short remembrance service on Friday, November 1 at 10AM for Officer Goelet A Beuf who died while on duty nearly 20 years ago.  The Beuf Community Center at 35th Avenue and Pinnacle Peak Rd is named in his honor.

Here is a photo of some of the folks who gathered for the event:

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