Your Police Department is Under Fire !!

A couple of relatively small but very active and vocal groups are making a big push to convince our City Council to eliminate or reduce funding to our Phoenix PD.  If you will never need any involvement from PD in your daily lives, this means nothing to you.  However, our PD touches us every day in ways we can’t imagine.

Outreach programs like our Community Action Officers will be severely curtailed.  Slower response times or worse yet NO response for things like:

  • That minor accident on the city street that has traffic backed up for a mile and threatens your timely arrival will have to wait.  For a long time.  Hope you packed a lunch and have water.
  • That banging on your door at 3AM or that suspicious car you’ve never seen before trolling your neighborhood.  These are the types of crimes and calls that will not be addressed if these groups succeed.
  • There will be fewer detectives to investigate crimes like child abuse, assault and homicides as they will have been reassigned to patrol units.

Your action is needed NOW.  Doing nothing means these anti-police groups win and we LOSE.

All this might not be such an important issue if we had merely “kept-up” which we haven’t.  For example, here are some not so “fun” facts about Phoenix PD:

  • In 2010, the department had 3,163 filled sworn positions. (At our peak in 2008 the filled sworn count was 3,388).
  • From 2010 to 2020, 1,808 officers separated from the department.
  • The department is currently losing an average of 18 officers per month while hiring ten (10) officers per month.  This has resulted in an average net loss of eight (8) officers each and every month.
  • There are currently 455 active participants in the DROP (soon to retire) program and more than half of the Sergeants and Lieutenants in the department are eligible to retire.  Approximately 830 sworn employees of all ranks are eligible to retire.  This represents approximately 30% of the current filled count.
  • The City of Phoenix population was 1.4 million in 2010 and is projected to be 1.7 million this year.
  • In 2010 the violent crime rate per 1,000 people was 5.5.  This rate reached a high of 8.4 in 2020 when there were 200 homicides, the most since 2007.
  • The average response time for an emergency call increased by a full minute between 2010 and 2020.

In 2010 there were 99,610 priority one emergency calls for service.  This increased by 24% by 2020 when officers responded to 123,184 emergency calls for service.

As you can clearly see, our shrinking PD is being asked to respond to an increased volume of calls which are increasingly violent.

What seems contrary to common sense is that these groups are largely from less-affluent areas which have the most calls for service!

It’s very easy to make your voice heard.  Please take a moment and send an email to your Councilperson and other Council members who need to hear that you are concerned about what is happening.

The email addresses and links are below.  We need you to do this now. Before you sign off and while you are still thinking about it.  The City Council could vote as early as Wednesday, June 16 to reduce funding.

When you click the link below, your email client will open and will be populated with an address, subject, and short message.

Of course, you may add your own thoughts into your email.  If you run into problems with the links provided, simply initiate your own email to the email address shown and paste the statement below into the body of your message.

I’m sending a note to my elected officials regarding MY safety and well-being.

I am a citizen of and voter in the City of Phoenix, Arizona.  I am concerned about crime in our communities and support fully funding the Phoenix Police Department.

This including staffing at recommended levels and expanding outreach programs such as our Community Action Officers.

Click below to send an email.

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Council District 1   (Ann O’Brien)           ( )
Council District 2   (Jim Waring)             ( )
Council District 3   (Debra Stark)            ( )
Council District 4   (Laura Pastor)           ( )
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Council District 6   (Sal DiCiccio)             ( )
Council District 7   (Yassamin Ansari)      ( )
Council District 8   (Carlos Garcia)           ( )

Please also consider speaking up at the council meeting on Wednesday.  To do so, you must register by Wednesday morning by clicking this LINK to register to speak on the City website.  (Register for Agenda Item #33)

Please also leave a comment (Agenda Item 33) on the City Council Agenda in support of fully funding our Phoenix PD.

WE CANNOT allow these anti-law enforcement groups to drive City agenda and funding for the rest of us.  

PLEASE join us and let your elected officials know how you feel.

One more thing….  This is an important issue.  Please forward this email to your friends and ask them to join us in this effort.  You MUST act prior to the June 16 Council meeting. 

Please also ask your friends to add their name to our email distribution list at CPCA E-mail Signup.


Thank You !!