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Our little slice of heaven consists of the one square mile area from Peoria Avenue in the South to Cactus Road in the North and from 35th Avenue in the East to 43rd Avenue in the West. Our Block Watch emphasizes Crime Prevention within our neighborhood as well as insuring we engage in activities designed to remove graffiti and enhance the overall appearance of our entire Community. We whole heartedly support the Phoenix Neighborhood Patrol and the Cactus Park Police Precinct. This web site is funded through a City of Phoenix Neighborhood Block Watch Grant.  Come join us.

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Are you aware of things happening in our neighborhood?  Do you often walk, bike, drive or just watch what’s going on?  Would you say something if you saw potential criminal activity?  If you said “Yes” then you’re the one that the Phoenix Neighborhood Patrol (PNP) is looking for.  It’s the only Phoenix Police Department led training that will teach observational skills, how to report that activity, and adhere to program rules.

Training is quite valuable even if you don’t plan to actively patrol your neighborhood as the principles you learn will be useful no matter what you are doing.  There is NO minimum requirement to patrol once your training is complete.

And… the training won’t take a bite out of your life.  It’s just 2 evenings from 5PM to 7PM.  It’s virtual (online) so you don’t even need to leave your living room.

Interested? Click HERE for more information (Q&A) and HERE for class schedules.

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